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I’ve found over the years that if you want something bad enough there will always be someone willing to sell it to you.
I got caught up in the whole “go fast” craze with the 60 degree V6 community many years ago.
Spent way too much money with Ben,Mike , PFYC, RSM,.... you can just about name the company and or website.
The money I spent on special and custom stuff was and still is obscene.
At the end of the day , the money would have been better spent on a used car with an LS V8 and 1/10 of the cash spent on the 60 degree V6 platform and I would have been faster with more left over in my pocket.
But when you are in the moment it’s hard not to get caught up in the moment and again....... there is always someone willing to sell you whatever it is you think you need.
Anyone want a set of unused MMS stage 2 3500 heads, TCE TB, TCE DOUBLE Roller TC or RSM supercharger Kit?
You get my point?
I’ve got all that and more
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