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Here is the invoice and list of problems for the aborted project ...

N-body clutch switch - AC Delco 98.80
F-body brakes 300.00
Grade 10.9 bolt for side transmission mount 5.00
AC Delco spring clamp for upper radiator hose at engine (clamp at radiator was re-useable) 5.00
AC Delco upper radiator hose - PN 22680642 38.00
AC Delco lower radiator hose - PN 22647232 35.00
AC Delco LF brake hose 34.85
AC Delco RF brake hose 34.85
AC Delco LR brake hose 30.00
AC Delco RR brake hose 30.00
AC Delco clip-on nuts for clutch switch (pair) 5.00
used bolt for front engine mount - AC Delco 2.00

Total Parts (not finalized yet) 618.50

Description Hours Cost
remove calipers in parking lot to make car roll, move into shop, put on rack 1.5 112.50
install new F-body brakes - rotors, pads, calipers 1.5 112.50
assess work needed for vehicle, make list 1 75.00
move car back outside after 2 months of waiting for parts to arrive 1 75.00
move car back inside shop, put on rack 1 75.00
remove all parts and pieces stored in interior of car, lay out and organize 1 75.00
remove transmission side mount and bracket, install correct length bolt and shaved washer, use die to straighten out threads on welded-on all-thread studs for mount, install mount 2.5 187.50
install 4 brake hoses - 1/2 hr each 2 150.00
bleed brakes 1 75.00
remove heater hoses from heater core, cut off ~1.5" of hose to increase clearance from hoses to headers, reinstall with pring clamps in proper position 0.75 56.25
remove two idler pulleys and water pump pulley from engine, sand off rust build-up on pulleys, replace bolt on front engine mount during 1 75.00
install clutch switch 0.5 37.50
tighten bellhousing bolts 0.5 37.50
install upper radiator hose, trim radiator side to clearance for headers. Includes remove and replace battery tray 0.5 37.50
install lower radiator hose 0.5 37.50
remove steering wheel, install steering wheel (abort dash installation) 0.5 37.50

install misc parts, hook up grounds, bend fuel lines, fill fluids to make engine start 1.5 112.50
flash custom PCM for 5-speed conversion, includes MMS performance tune 1 150.00

put all of customers parts back into vehicle, put tires back on, etc 0.5 37.50
Total Labor 1556.25

transmission fluid - AC Delco 12345349 - 3qts 79.92
brake fluid 20.00
Dexcool coolant - 4 gallons mixed 40.00
5qts 10w30 oil, PF52 oil filter 24.50
powersteering fluid 10.00
brake clean 10.00
shop rags 3.00
lube for serpentine belt 1.00

gas - 5 gallons 91 octane 12.70

Total Fluids and Materials 201.12

TOTAL 2174.75

> = completed

Results of Inspection/Problems with car/work required
vehicle arrived with dashboard, console, seats many interior parts removed. All major parts appear to be present, stored inside vehicle
> vehicle arrived with over-sized front brakes too big for wheels, car will not roll. Need to remove front brakes to roll vehicle.
make Alero shifter/shift cables work with 1988 cavalier transmission, fabricate shift cable bracket
install clutch master cylinder
adapt line or make custom line to connect master cylinder to slave cylinder on transmission
> transmission side mount not fully tightened down, bolt is way too long, gap between mount and lower mount bracket, need to remove mount, tighten bolts, install new bolt with spacer
transmission rear mount non-existent, may not need if front mount is strong enough, have to drive vehicle to determine
transmission front mount extremely weak, poorly designed. Need to reinforce mount/fabricate new one
> bellhousing bolts loose
repair TPS connector
> EVAP missing bolt
> trim heater tubes at firewall to provide clearance for headers
need VSS pigtail compatable with transmission
> install F-body front brakes to replace brakes to replace over-sized brakes, customer's friend picked up old brakes
> RR brake hose leaking, customer requests replace all 4 with OEM replacement hoses
> bleed brakes
> transmission completely empty of fluid
intermediate shaft bracket appears to be weakly designed, may need reinforcement. Need to drive vehicle to determine.
> water pump pulley, two idler pulleys have excessive rust build-up, need to be removed, rust ground off, and re-installed to avoid belt damage
> neutral safety switch missing
rear lateral and trailing arms bushings dry-rotted, all arms
front control arms bushings dry-rotted, both sides
> charge battery, may need to replace if doesn't hold charge
install dashboard, console, seats, instrument cluster, all other interior parts
transmission conversion still needs all necessary wiring, including neutral safety, VSS, reverse lights, etc, and delete automatic transmission wiring
pressure test cooling system prior to installing dashboard just in case heater core is leaking
fuse box bracket has been cut/modified. Fuse box may not stay put in bracket, need to replace bracket if that's the case
recommend modified heater tube to avoid leakage at "looped" throttle body bypass lines
> upper radiator hose leaking, needs replaced, hitting headers. Need to install new radiator hose, trim to fit for clearance.
> lower radiator hose appears to be too long. Needs more clearance at AC compressor, appears to be too long vertically because collapsing. Need to remove hose, trim to fit, reinstall.
later find lower radiator hose to be wrong part number, install correct hose, no trimming necessary, perfect fit.
oil pan leaking
fuel lines dangerously close to headers at rubber section, need to carefully bend out of the way to avoid melting and engine fire
pinch welds and frame rails have extensive damage from improper jacking/lifting vehicle
A/C lines touching front header, need to carefully bend aluminum lines to provide clearance
wheel speed sensor wires need multiple clips to keep wires from hitting axles
inner fender liners missing misc fasteners
> front engine mount has wrong bolt, too short
> tune PCM
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