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I finally got one. I got the bulldog security RS1100. I work in the auto shop at Sears, and someone bought one we sell. After reading about installation and watching the DVD, he said F---that and returned it. Normally sold for $ boss gave it to me for only $25. I had to take it then! Install wasn't bad but time consuming! Mainly fumbling with the ignition wires and figuring out where and a good way to mount the unit. It seems quality wiring and plugs however, the remote it cheap. It seems fragile and the click switches are ok but for one. I'll have to see about swapping it for a replacement. I'd highly recommend buying the GM-6 T-harness. Could have saved me about two hours, but then it wouldn't be a remote start for $25! I read carefully everything a few times AND watch the DVD and it went well. Just pick the wrong brown wire ( 1 of 4 small wires) for the parking light flash--oops. Got that fixed without much time. Working great for now, and later I may try to hook up the remote door unlock/lock feature once I am no longer sore! Thanks for your imput, and we'll see how good this system is.

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