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Originally Posted by AaronGTR View Post
Quite whining. The playing field is even. People get warnings when it is needed. Chris has gotten plenty of warnings and been banned plenty of times.

Read post #17.
You already gave me warning points for my recent posts. That's the first points I ever got. So now if I contact an Admin to complain about uneven moderation, that's whining? The main reason I responded to tipnitty was his prior bashing of our N-body platform. Why do you allow/encourage that?

btw, don't you have a thread to update? You know, in the "All go" section, Top 1/4 Mile Times, "this one WILL get updated."

Top 1/4 mile times <new and improved>

Or was that all B.S, too?

I know you didn't miss this, you posted in the thread:
Unless you have some personal reason not to....

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