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Originally Posted by stewartfn18 View Post
why not?
Because to get that far you HAVE to invest a significant amount of money. Mods like you and I have won't get us to that mark because the next step is heads. Manifolds, headers, intakes, etc are pretty cheap on their own.

To really get that far you'd have to get a moderate heads/cam setup. And once you do that you really have to ask yourself what your goal is. Will you settle for just #1 spot NA on the board, or push the limits and go all out to the extent of boring and possibly even stroking the engine combined with an aggressive cam? Most GA owners now have gotten the car second hand and don't make that kind of money or are willing to give up their daily driver for something that extreme. Maybe if they keep it long enough it'd happen, but just like my thoughts of setting a helluva record for NA are, they're just pipe dreams til it gets done.
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Ahhh but that would be in the land of "Makes Sense" forget that we live in the land of "DUHHH"
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