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Thanks for your input Aaron. I'm going to clean it all the best I can and replace the lifter that was bad. I would like to replace everything but I just can't afford it. This is my daily driver and the only car I had running so I need to get her in working order ASAP. Before I loosened any rocker bolts I tried wiggling the push rods and rockers. They all were solid except for one. The push rod was able to move up and down and turn freely which was causing the slop between it and the rocker. That's why I was sure the lifter collapsed. All rocker arms are ok and the push rods are strait. I'm planning on dropping my oil pan and cleaning/inspecting what I can. I am doing all new fel-pro gaskets. Not one 0ring or gasket I take off is going to be reused. I will follow your advice about the cheap oil and seafoam, plastic scraper and lifters. Thank you again.
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