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2001 gagt1

my 2001 has 312,XXX on it, have had some work done on it to keep it kickin' but now i've come across a problem i've never had before.

randomly, maybe once or twice a month, i'll be cruising along around 65 mph and the car feels like it is dying, only for like a second. initially i thought it was slipping from 4th to 3rd, because that's what it feels like. took it to the tranny shop. fluids okay and the guy tells me that something is wrong with the engine.....................however, there's no codes being activated.

could it be a fuel pump problem? --just had one put in last feb, and it only has about 25K on it.

plus my mpg has gone from about 26 to 21 in the last month. i'm putting in a new fuel filter tomorrow, even though it only has about 20K on it.

any suggestions on what it could be?
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