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jgonera Gettin' there
The manual says, both for 50K and 100K miles:

Change automatic transaxle fluid and filter if the
vehicle is mainly driven under one or more of
these conditions:
- In heavy city traffic where the outside
temperature regularly reaches 40F (32C) or
- In hilly or mountainous terrain.
- When doing frequent trailer towing.
- Uses such as found in taxi, police or delivery
if you do not use your vehicle under anyof these
conditions, the fluid and filter do not require changing.
Which is kind of vague. Anyway, I guess that I should get it changed after 100K, right?

As for the coolant it says either 150K or 5 years, whichever comes first, and the car is 9 years old.

I guess the brake fluid doesn't look fine, it looks more like the one on the right (maybe not that dark, but almost):

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