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Thanks for all the tips! Finally I'll be replacing the following:

- wipers
- spark plugs
- brake fluid
- coolant
- fuel filter

I'll probably replace the spark plugs with a friend who has done it several times. But I don't have any way of lifting the car (I'm not going to do that with a jack), so I'll take it to a mechanic for the three last things.

I checked the drive belt and it looks pretty good to me. No visible cracks or anything. I haven't thought about the O2 sensor, I think the manual doesn't mention it... What can happen when it fails besides worse MPG?

I don't think I'm going to do the transmission flush now because I couldn't find any mechanic whom I would trust completely with that (two argued with me that my car either doesn't have a transmission filter or it doesn't need replacing ever).

I'm headed to San Francisco (through southern states to avoid possible snow/ice in November) and I know the prices will be higher there but I read some horror storries about poorly done transmission flushes and I'd prefer to have more time to find a good place. I'll definitely do it before hitting 110K miles, I hope it'll be fine...

I know about the gas prices. I'll probably buy some premium just before California, I heard it makes passing the smog check easier.
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