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Thanks for posting, nice to see something like this pop up for a change.

Curious on a few things....
How much boost and what kind of Horsepower/Torque?

What PCM are you running? You mentioned factory, so I would guess a 3900 G6/Malibu PCM.

Loving the CNC flywheel and ported heads. Is Marc with TCE still around, I know he had some health issues a while back.

Is the cam a regrind or are there VVT blanks out there? I have a 2011 3.5L impala that would be nice to put a cam in.
"The world's best cam combined with a poor set of heads will produce an engine that's a dog. But bolt on a set of great heads even with a poor cam, and that engine will still make great power." ~John Lingenfelter
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