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Well I just finished re-quoting the entire job from scratch. Basically I know exactly what this job entails now, I know exactly how to make the computer and wiring harness work, and it will take a lot less time to do again. I forgot to mention that in order to figure this all out the first time around, I actually bought a 2006 G6 GTP 6-speed to take measurements off of to be able to figure out how to make the other car run.

Anyways the total for all the parts and labor that we did is about $48,000. Yes that is a huge huge number, but considering the custom billet crankshaft alone was $4500, it's really not too bad for this crazy list of parts, especially considering every single piece of this puzzle was made one-off.

As far as what I wanted to this setup to make horsepower wise if we weren't limited by the fuel system ... The turbos are rated up to 475hp each. Usually this rating is rounded down in advertizing to the point where this rating is actually accurate for whp not crank hp. My goal with this as turned up as we could safely go with the race gas was 750-800whp.
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