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Funny enough, I just played with this same stuff last night. I bought some LEDs to replace the light bulbs they used in my e-Bay projector's halo rings and since I had extra, I figured I'd throw them in behind the amber reflector too (#4 in the picture.) The only problem is that when the headlights were on, the polarity of the reflector bulb changes. Basically, I could either have a turn signal when the headlights were on or when they were off but not both. I'm not sure if this is because of the type of LED I used (it was a 194 replacement with the resistor built in) but It wasn't worth the trouble of changing it since it is hidden behind the reflector anyway. A normal filament bulb doesn't care about polarity but the LEDs do.

The halo LEDs work fine either way and they connected directly into the other 194 bulb slot so you should be able to replace that with no problems. As rocketfast123 said though, it may be brighter than you really want and could look strange if the LED is brighter than your normal headlights.
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