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Originally Posted by tipnitty View Post
I would kill someone for that T/A.....**** I need to graduate
Stick with it bud! You will get that sh!t done!!! I love the TA. I have 5 other cars I call "fun" and then the 2 "needed" cars (wife wanted a little put around car, so I got the G5 GT. She said it looked too much like a boy car so I swapped out the bumpers and such for the base. Then I have a baller 2011 GMC Acadia Denali, with factory chrome 20s, chrome on the mirrors, running boards, tail gate... I have added air ride to it so it rides like a champ. Selling my '86 Fiero GT if anyone is interested. LS7 in back, with GM hot cam procharger and some other goodies pushing out 1,018 RWHP. Traction limited, currently runs 9.50s. Looking for 16K.
Originally Posted by MAC the KNIFE View Post
he's got a gto, special t/a, g8 gxp and he probably skipped college
I like cars, and the wife likes that I have a 'Hobby'. I have over 5500 HP sitting in my Garages. Will build on that!

I went to the wonderful UGA. Go Dawgs! Ended up moving with work and graduating from The Ohio State. Not so proud of that.

Originally Posted by [ChaosweaveR] View Post
He probably doesn't draw in the dust on their paint jobs, either.
This is a true story. Though, i thought it was pretty funny when looking at pictures. I am crazy about detail work. To a fault. I love having a lift to get the underside clean. Any painted surfaces under the car have been clearcoated and get waxed with a full under carriage cleaning 2 times a year. I take off all factory pieces under the car and powder coat them, thn pop it into my oven to bake them. So 0 rust, even on the raw parts that are expected to get surface rust. I even powder coat the bolts to hold the parts back in place. It pays down the road when i don't ever have to deal with floor pan rust or anything. I could show you pictures of my 1977 SE Y82 Bandit Edition 400 4 speed Trans Am that would make your jaw drop. You would think the car has never been sat in, and I have 95,000 miles on it.
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