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AaronGTR has made plenty of valid pointsAaronGTR has made plenty of valid points
Originally Posted by geldartb View Post
Dont know what the stock hood weighs but I know the CF hood is around 10lbs..when I got mine the cardboard bubble wrap and 1x3 frame built around it weighed 12lbs including the hood.. I was figuring a couple pounds for the wood and cardboard..

I seriously doubt that hood weighs 8 lbs. A real CF hood, made with multiple layers of pre-preg CF and autoclaved to remove the excess resin, would weigh about 8-12 lbs depending on the car and size of the hood. I remember reading an article where a trunk made that way for a miata was about 8 lbs.

No one makes body parts like that for the grand am though. All the "CF" hoods are just a single layer of wet resin lay up CF over top of a fiberglass hood and just for looks. The factory hood is about 39-40 lbs iirc. The SD hood I have was 28 lbs and the Cerious Performance CF sc/t hood I have is 23 lbs (both with some minor work but close to stock weight). The other CF hood is probably somewhere close to that.

The real problem is finding any of these parts anymore. It's a dead car and a dead market, and everything has been discontinued. You'll be lucky to even find them used.

Get some light weight wheels for the car, maybe swap in the aluminum front control arms and move the battery to the trunk. That will help balance the front/ rear weight balance a little and make a noticeable difference in handling as well as every day ride quality on the road. Anything beyond that, and steps like stripping out sound deadening etc., will have a very limited effect and make the car less enjoyable to drive. And any other lighter parts you want will be hard to find or have to be custom made, and you'll pay out the ass for very minimal gains. That's why I say if you really want a car you can have fun with at the track, get something with more potential for it... something with cheaper parts available and a better design to start with. The grand am chassis was not designed to handle from the factory. There's only so much you can do when you are limited by the chassis design, suspension geometry, etc. There is no easy way to adjust front and rear camber and such. You don't want to start getting into things like having to make custom control arms and camber plates, revising suspension points, getting custom ball joints to fix roll center, etc etc. Need an engineering degree just to figure that stuff out.
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