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DrFabulous has made plenty of valid pointsDrFabulous has made plenty of valid points
Originally Posted by Jrs2000 View Post
It would be awesome if someone took alot of the threads of how-to's and link and turned them into organized articles.

Sort it by the generations of the different Grand-Am's...

So if someone with a gen 3 Grand Am wants to see what how-to articles are out there they don't have to look through a million gen 4 articles to find the one or two gen 3 articles.

My point may have been lost through my rambling. But a couple examples of what I mean would be like:


P.S. I personally like the Volvospeed site more than the benz site (I also liked my volvo more than my benz). But the benz site sorts out the different how-to's by chassis and engine series numbers...

This style has worked pretty damn well for many years, but thanks for trying

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