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Originally Posted by curtpank View Post
well, I changed the ICM this evening but it didn't solve the problem. Same thing: I start the car, let it idle and after about a minute there is a "ping" and it stalls. Then it cannot be restarted again until it cools off (it will start for a second but then backfire and stall immediately). So it's definitely heat-related. It's almost like something is trying to turn on.

So at this point I have changed the ICM, ignition switch, ignition key lock cylinder, spark plugs, wires, alternator and battery.

all I have left is: 1) the coil packs themselves, which looked fine when I took them off to change the ICM, 2) CKP sensor, and 3) the fuel pressure regulator in case it's a fuel thing. I guess tomorrow I'll test the fuel pressure.

Would a bad coil pack make the car stall like this? There are three packs so I figure losing one wouldn't completely stall it....

I just know it's some simple thing but there are still no CELs
GDI. Fuel pressure sounds like a good thing to check. I wouldn't think one coil pack would make it stall that way. I don't know symptoms of a bad CKP sensor but the more I think about it the more I think I did change mine while trying to figure this out but obviously for me it wasn't that.
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