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Originally Posted by CantBeatIt96 View Post
i get on very little and when i do get on and post i have a few question, if i posted them all in the same post you all would complain about that, so then i post them in a few and then you still complain, you cant win here, no wonder some of my friends dont get on here that much you all complain about everything.
and were back on the subject of my pics, i said this before, im not tryin to show off my car i know its not the best, ITS NOT DONE, for the 3k time. its not done i just took a few pics before i removed the motor, this way i had a few before and i like it with out the hood, unlike you guys i think alot of car look cool without the hood, that way you can see the guts. but since the cars not done it doesnt look great. and you want to see it lookin really bad. ill take a few pics tonight of the car so you can see it lookin really bad. i had to remove the hood, fenders, headlights, bumper, and more. the one is blurry because it was about 300 yrds away.its was supposed to be a picture of the buck around here that im gettin this year, during huntin season, but the car was in the background. i liked it so i cropped it and it got a little blurry. sorry.
and you area hating when all you do is complain about my car ive never had, except once, where you guys never complained. i even posted up a post about a red GA w/a 3.8 in it.didnt know that it had been up 4 sale before, and so i thought i was bein nice and posted it so if anyone wanted it they knew it was there. sorry that i didnt know that it had already been posted before. i havent been here that long. and i dont go throught all the post anyways so i dont read alot of them.

ya know what never mind on the thread, im done repling, i just wanted to see all the poeple with the pre 99 GAs. but since they dont want to post on here then never mind. apparently only darren and i are proud enough of our cars to post them on here. Just never mind.
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+15 for DD 'cause he's a dope dope fiend.
TEH dopest.
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