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SikMindz has made plenty of valid pointsSikMindz has made plenty of valid points
Originally Posted by iceman View Post
Look, this site was created and always has been a place for 99+ grand am owners to congregate. Nobody's "hating" (and why the **** when someone can't take criticism or come to reality suddenly everyone else is a "hater?") on your car, let me give you a neutral view here -- you can't "show off" with primer, blurry pictures, and no hood.

On top of that, noone cares for a know it all noob, who routinely posts in the incorrect forum sections.

Yeah it's super . I don't understand why, I mean, Jeremy and Ryan should take their money and pay for a web site for people to re-post useless **** they found on youtube as much as they want. I heard gagt is taking over for 4chan.

It's great that site owners have the cash to lay down for people to post without cost, really, it is. But you can't knock ones that don't. At least it cuts down the BS and brings only useful posts, not peoples random findings of stuff from the Internet.
STFU newb.
Originally Posted by tipnitty View Post
That's why I keep a few black guys around. They really know how to fill my gaping holes. The mini tootsie rolls you asians carry around just come close.
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