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Originally Posted by AaronGTR View Post
There is pretty much always coolant running through the heater core and the coolant bypass running back to the water pump, until the thermostat opens up and sends coolant to the radiator. In my opinion, if the coolant was low enough that you weren't getting any to the heater core, your low coolant light would be on, and also with no coolant flow the engine would overheat. Even if it was very cold outside. It would actually cause the heads to warp.

I think the problem is something else. Either the thermostat is stuck open making the engine take a very long time to warm up, the heater core itself or the hoses to it are plugged, or there is a vacuum leak in one of the lines that controls the flap between the heater core and the A/C evaporator.
I agree with Aaron a very likely problem is the mix control is not opening to heat. Do these use a actuator to control the mix?
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