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AaronGTR has made plenty of valid pointsAaronGTR has made plenty of valid points
Well if the belt isn't spinning that would cause all your issues, because it wouldn't be turning your water pump, your power steering pump, your alternator, or your A/C compressor. The question is, what is causing the belt not to turn.

If the water pump were somehow damaged and jammed it might cause the belt to jam, but I would think it would be more likely the belt would slip on the pulley since the water pump pulley is flat and the crank pulley is ribbed so it has more grip on the belt. It's possible one or more of the other pulleys may also be jammed or turning too stiff. It's also possible the rubber layer in the crank pulley (also called the harmonic damper) has deteriorated and the hub is actually spinning inside the crank pulley and not turning the outer part. I've seen this happen on a couple other cars before. And if the belt isn't turning any of those accessories, none of them will work and the car will overheat.

First thing I'd look at is the crank pulley. Try running the engine and see if the center of the pulley turns but not the rest. Look for bits of rubber or dust in that area. Also inspect your serpentine belt. If it's too old the ribs on it may be worn down and/or the rubber may be stiff and cracked, and it might not be gripping well on the pulleys. They are supposed to be replaced every 80k-100k miles anyway.

Another possibility is your belt tensioner could be broken. It's not uncommon on these cars. The stock one has a weak case that cracks and allows the internal spring to move which makes it weaker so the belt doesn't grip and can slip. If that's the case, you can replace it with an aftermarket one from the auto parts store that is stronger. I have a dayco brand tensioner from advance auto parts that has a stronger case design and spring. You can take the belt off by using a 3/8" drive breaker bar or ratchet to push the tensioner back and slip the belt off an idler pulley. Then use a 15mm socket to take the bolt out that goes through the center and the tensioner will come right off. You can inspect that and the belt at the same time. Also try turning all the other pulleys on the engine by hand to see if they spin freely or make any weird noises.
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