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AaronGTR has made plenty of valid pointsAaronGTR has made plenty of valid points
Originally Posted by AleroB888 View Post
The main reason I responded to tipnitty was his prior bashing of our N-body platform. Why do you allow/encourage that?
Again with the whining. I don't recall any previous "bashing" of the n-body by tipnitty. Regardless of if it happened or not... THAT isn't in the rules. If someone really didn't like n-bodies I don't know why they would be here, but they have a right to voice their opinion as long as they don't attack other members. It doesn't say "no n-body bashing" anywhere in the forum rules.

It's really quite simple. We allow a LOT of leeway here simply because there isn't much activity anymore like there was years ago and people would stop coming here. I'm not a baby sitter. I've got better things to do than slap your hands and give out warnings all day. Sic and I are really the only ones who check in and moderate anything anymore, and I haven't even seen him on in a while. If two of you yahoos want to go back and forth for a little while, we let it go unless it gets really out of hand or everyone gets sick of it. Sometimes I do try to reign things in though and remind people not to go overboard, and if I see a completely one sided attack out of nowhere like what you did, yeah I'm gonna say something.

All I did was ask you to stop. You decided to be an ass and press the issue so you got points. Big whoop... put on your big boy pants and get over it. It's the internet, it's not really that important.

btw, don't you have a thread to update? You know, in the "All go" section, Top 1/4 Mile Times, "this one WILL get updated."

Top 1/4 mile times <new and improved>

Or was that all B.S, too?

I know you didn't miss this, you posted in the thread:
Unless you have some personal reason not to....
Maybe you need to learn to read? I don't update anything in that thread unless someone PM's me the information required!!!

I know that must be tough to understand.
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