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not this alero
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Originally Posted by DrFabulous View Post
I made a post directed at ALL of the people involved saying to take it to PM's... because it's rather pathetic for you guys to cry to the mods instead of just taking care of it between yourselves. Even if you guys did want to lay out your thoughts towards each other, dragging up a year-old mod post isn't the place for it.
That's all well and good, except I replied to an admin, who seemed to be more reasonable than the moderator I was dealing with. Why not take it to PMs in that case? Because it's all too easy to get banned then have said moderator come in and post lies that he said transpired in the PMs. I mean, I only see one person "flying off the handle" in this thread, and I don't think PMs would be productive in this case.

I'll visit your thread, if I'm still around....
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