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SikMindz has made plenty of valid pointsSikMindz has made plenty of valid points
To all:

There's a "Report Post" button for a reason. Use it.

But remember:

Clearly, AGTR and I don't see eye-to-eye all the time but we're not blowing up every thread antagonizing one another like some of you seem to relish in. Some of you are 24/7 trolls with hard-ons for each other and some of you are a bit too prickly to be allowed on the internet.

I have no problem dishing out warning points or bans and to everyone's point I'll do so equally. But that means that a good handful of you will be on a time out for a bit all in the name of equality. If it's fine with you guys, then report away...
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That's why I keep a few black guys around. They really know how to fill my gaping holes. The mini tootsie rolls you asians carry around just come close.
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