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H.O. Driver has made plenty of valid pointsH.O. Driver has made plenty of valid points
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How - To: A/C Delete Bypass Pulley

This was a fun project, after tracking down the right pulley and belt, it only took an hour to get it apart, up and running. The correct belt size is a Gatorback Part #4060610 or 6PK1550. The correct pulley you need is a ribbed Compressor Works Pulley Part # 45971.

1. Remove any A/C lines that you want, and remove the 3 bolts holding the A/C compressor. Loosen the belt via the tensioner and follow the How-To guide for the belt removal process.

2. Once the belt and compressor are gone. Remove the lower Idler pulley and hang on to the bolt that holds the pulley in, this will be reused on the new ribbed compressor works pulley.

3. Install new pulley reusing the old bolt in place of the old lower idler pulley.

4. Install new belt with the ribbed side touching the new ribbed pulley before it runs under the crank pulley.

5. Reinstall everything you moved to get the new belt on and seccure any lines or hoses left from the A/C plumbing. Make sure you properly torqued the bolts and then you are complete. As you can see the belt is much shorter than the stock belt,

I let it idle for over a half hour at operating temprature and it never went over 200* It makes plenty of connact with the waterpump pulley to keep it spining.

Rand, if I missed anything or if you want to add anything, go for it. If you want to host the pics, thats cool with me too.
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