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Hallooo GAers!

I was looking around for information about GAs because I have a GASE and was hoping to spruce it up, love the site, alot of amazing information on here.

Silver '02 GA Se 2.2 Ecotec
4 Door
Auto tranny
Everything stock.

Ugly dent on the front left panel. Cracked paint on the bumper cover (thankfully they missed my headlights)

I am thinking it should be fairly doable to pop the dent out of the panel but the paint on the bumper is not so easily fixed. (Ill get pictures of this later and hopefully I can get an opinion or 5)

While looking at all the modifications and such in this forum I realized that maybe putting alot of money into a 4 cyl might not make sense? I checked some local websites, theres newer 6 cyl GAs around my area in quite abundance. Maybe it would make more sense for the long run to get a nice 05 6 cyl and play with it instead? Maybe go GT? Has to be 4 door (I guess GTs only had 4 doors up to '04)
How do you guys/gals feel about the ecotechs?

Also what is a 3400 and a 3600? (Sorry but Im a real noob when it comes to car terms) Im guessing this is the displacement?

I guess short summary: Is this car worth playing with (since I already have it) or should I look into a diff GA? Love GAs. (if I could get a stick GA id be in heaven but those are so rare)

Thanks all! Look forward to reading more.

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