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Weight reduction/balance...

Getting oh so more involved with autocrossing and given that I'm stuck in a class way to high for the GA to be in due to the engine swap I was interested in weight reduction and balancing the car out some aswell as maybe getting around to intstall those sway bars on the group buy 2 years ago now...

So some of my main questions are:

Did Sik really have CF fenders?
What was the lowest weight you know that a GA has gotten down to?(realistic here no tube rwd drag GA's)
CF trunk>CF hood? what are the actual weight savings of those?
What does stock 5 spoke non fake chromes weigh?
I recall the weight distribution being around 60 front 40 rear? Is there a left/right bias ?
If I go all out dedicated autox how much negative camber can I throw in up front?
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