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Originally Posted by sleepyalero View Post
Take out rear seats, get light weight aluminum seats if you are that dedicated as well. Remove carpet, radio, spare tire, scissor jack.

I know people will be against this. But if you remove the ac compressor, condenser, dryer, all lines, and run a shorter pulley with the (I think beretta idler pulley) to make up for the shorter belt that all total is like 30-40 lbs if you combine everything together. The compressor itself is pretty heavy.

And also weight savings on a cf hood compared to stock I can tell you the custom "bubble hood" I have for the alero is 100% fiberglass.... that hood I can pick up with one hand at ease.. it literally weighs 8-15 lbs total. So the savings from stock are HUGE.
Yeah the usual stuff until its full on race car which I don't intend to go for so interior is staying but lighter seats is defiantly in the plans. Considering removal of power seats as they are slow as balls anyways. Also considering swapping to manual windows but I do enjoy that luxury and idk how much weight that would save, once again I think that would be full on race car with lexan windows :P

And I have something more important to go in place of the A/C then the idler pulley.

I just thought I remembered reading somewhere that a CF trunk lid saves more then a CF hood. But there are more hoods then trunks out there. Kind of want both anyways or at least the hood.

Originally Posted by AaronGTR View Post
Buy a better car to race with.

If you are having fun with it, have fun with it... but don't waste a ton of money trying to make it light. You will find it's difficult and expensive because no one makes parts. It will all have to be custom. If you had something like a civic or miata, well everyone races those and they make tons of parts for them, so they will be cheap AND effective.

Don't try too hard to turn your car into something that in the long run it really doesn't have much potential for.
What are you talking about Aaron? There is a race series named after our cars?? They are race cars!

The car is staying and it is being built regardless. I'm in this deep already there is no backing out and I don't want to. I have a ridiculous attachment to this grocery getter. Something about sitting in the ****pit with the stereo slightly turned towards you, that Borla growl, those boobs just enticing you to scan them, and the fact that there wont be one around like the one I will have.

I guess I'm looking at all of this in the long run something I would have asked further into the progression of this car but do to recent activities it peaked my interest right now. I do plan on getting another car dedicated for autox because right now my car isn't competitive. It is fun to throw around on stock suspension with toyo R1R's and roll like crazy and be called the body roll master though .

Originally Posted by geldartb View Post
Dont know what the stock hood weighs but I know the CF hood is around 10lbs..when I got mine the cardboard bubble wrap and 1x3 frame built around it weighed 12lbs including the hood.. I was figuring a couple pounds for the wood and cardboard..
Thanks. I gotta finish paying for vacation and I will let you know how much it really weighs
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