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Originally Posted by TruGreenGAGT View Post
I got my CF hood from which is from canada the box it came in said 13 lbs and price was $600ish after shipping was added

Was it a plain style hood? And how is it constructed? Is it CF on both sides? Does it have a factory style framing molded into the bottom or is it flat? Is the finish glossy like clear coat, or is it dull/matte?

A true pre-preg hood has no glossy top coat because that adds weight, and the finish is dull.

What I'm getting at with the shipping weight is... that might not be the weight of the actual hood. A lot of these places that bulk ship have deals worked out and get cheaper prices from shipping comps. They might put 12 or 13 lbs on the package because that is the price bracket they are paying... but that's not how much the hood weighs. 12 lbs is ridiculously light for a hood that size and there's no way they are getting that with normal construction methods.
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