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Originally Posted by Night-Rider001 View Post
how the heck u run ur fog lights with out putting them on auto i have to turn on the dash lights to do that? and thing still comes on but what im thinking it is its the ground wire not getting a full servic connection or what ever its call my high beam turn non during the day with the car its my DRl and at night it switching to low beam soo i have to ground something or get a relay with this ! i have a set of 6k and 4k both for low beams soo ima put in 4k for bright white setup and try again this afternoon!
Yes i just turn on the dash lights to my fogs will be on. Honestly it will only take you 10 mins to disable the DRL's. thats inluding taking out the glovebox and putting it back in. here is how to disable your DRL's

HOW TO: Override DRLs on a GA
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