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Question Transmission Slipping After Driving With Spark Plug Wire Damage?

Hi, I'm new to the forums. I know this is a GT community, but I have a 99 SE 3.4L that's been having what seems like transmission slipping. I went out one day a few months ago to find my front spark plug wires chewed by some animal. I didn't notice until after I started the car and felt misfiring. Having no transportation, I had to drive the car the way it was to get new wires, about 4-5 miles away. The gears slipped the whole way there. But even after getting the wires replaced, the transmission still slips. and it's gotten worse since. Now I notice it happens more on longer car trips.

Could driving the engine like I did that day have mechanically damaged the transmission to where the slip would stay? or could the shorting of the wires have damaged an electrical component related to the transmission? I've tried ATF fluid that supposedly "stops slipping", but nothing helped. Any ideas?
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