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Well, my pod is NOT the one you purchase from Mine is like a Universal one... It came in a yellow box. Yeah, it's not the prettiest thing. It covers about half of my OEM pillar... and it's a different color ): Ah well... Anyways, the way the speed shop installed it was... There are two screws on the top part of it. Between the pillar and the windshield... Then on the opposite side, there are two screws also... (between the pillar and the drivers side window). Now to replace the bulb, do I just remove those screws? Also, does anyone have a pic of a colored LED bulb- blue? I had them put blue on mine, and they put one of those condom things over the bulb, so it lit up like a turquoise color at night, not really fond of it... Also, how long do these bulbs usually last?

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