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Anyone else think my trap speed was kind of low? Here's the rest of the slip...I'll get a pic in a few minutes.

Los Angeles County Raceway

reaction: .559
60': 2.014
330' 5.996
1/8th 9.262
mph 76.989
1000' 12.026

E/T 14.550
mph 90.621

I need to figure out what is going on in the last 1/8th. My trap should be alot faster. I know my 2-3 shift was really slow (maybe because I just put the pcm in that morning and only had 200 miles on it before racing). Or, maybe it was because I had to run the DRs at 23psi to get any traction. Or, maybe it's the huge wing on the back of the car acting like a parachute... At anyrate, those are a few things I'm looking into. I need to get it to a dyno to see what is going on with the car and what adjustments might need to be made with the pcm. What's next? Somebody please make more parts for these cars, as I'm running out of things to buy...
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