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Re: ...Have to update the list again!

Originally posted by jaketuff
Damn Rob, nice job! I see DHP helped you out.

How did you launch?

I tried launching everyway imaginable...I made 11 passes yesterday. Honestly, what worked best was to just do the biggest burnouts you can imagine...seriously just sit there and torch the tires until the car fills with smoke and you have to let off to get air. Then, at the light, ets off, in 3rd, rpms about 2k, mash it on green (2nd yellow, buy you know that). By the end of the night, traction was getting a bit better, but i had air pressure down to 23 and the huge burnouts, but the car was so heatsoaked that it was running 14.8's and 15.0's...what can you do? The ice was all gone and time was running, just get in as many passes as you can.
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