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Originally Posted by Rich View Post
eh finding an eaton for the V6 is hard. there are less than 10 in exsistance, unless youre gonna do something custom.

thanks. my wheels are italia inox's. they dont make them anymore unfortunately.

this site is full of post whores. therell be plenty of posts
Well I can deal with coming up with performance Ideas. If I can manage to keep my truck without having to sell it to pay off the GT I plan to Twin Turbo the 4.3L.

Im used to the post whore thing. Im on about 5 forum sites for my various cars. Ive got 6 more project cars sitting around. My dads 70 Chevelle is by far my favorite.

I'll find some wheels sooner or later. I like the Eagle 077s but I dare to be different. I'll stick with stock for awhile though. This car is just amazingly nice and it has the performance to match my truck which I love.
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Originally Posted by Ajaxus View Post
And if you're a true gearhead, you'll die in a 130mph ball of fire..and still get into the club.
Due to the rising cost of electricity, gas, and oil. Plus the condition of the Economy. The Light At the End of the Tunnel has been turned off.
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