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Coolant boiling out overflow

Yesterday air temperature was near 80 degrees and I noticed my low coolant light come on and the temperature creeping up past the second notch past 200 when I was stuck in traffic. I got to a gas station and the reservoir was empty and apparently the coolant boiled out. Drove home with the heater on full blast and picked up a new reservior cap and a gallon of Dexcool along the way.

Replaced the cap, filled it up with dexcool and bled the system. I let it idle in the driveway for some time and watched it as the temperature creeped up to 3 ticks over 200 which is approximately 218 deggres from my estimate. At this point, the coolant began boiling again and shooting out the reservoir overflow tube.

Took it to a mechanic this morning and it didn't misbehave at all. On his scanner, the coolant never went over 200 degrees. Went ahead and drove into work and the temp never went over 1 tick the entire way.

I think I may have a intermittant cooling fan problem, but should the coolant be boiling out at only 3 ticks over 200 degrees? Seems to me like the system isn't getting pressurized properly. There are no external leaks and I've had it flushed, thermostat changed and LIM gaskets replaced about a year ago. Never have any high temperature problems when the car is moving fast.

Any ideas???
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