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Replaced Ignition cylinder switch. Now I can't start car!

Car: 2000 Grand Am GT w/ 155,000

A few weeks ago, my ignition switch froze up and I couldn't get my key to turn. I was at a hotel and I tried to hotwire (passlock kept me from that) and so I just got it towed.

Got the new parts yesterday and hooked them up. Well, the key turns now and the starter tries to crank up but it will not fire up.
When I first installed it the security light came on. As expected.
I went through the procedure of turning the key to "on" for 10 min and then turning "off" for a min and turning back on to turn the security light off.
Ok, so now the security light is off. So the car should start right up right? Nope, still won't fire up, as if there is no fuel coming to engine.
Did I do the passlock reboot procedure wrong? Is there more to it?

One thing that I should mention is that my car is resting on a decline with the front end sitting lower than the back end. I have a little less than half a tank of gas. Is it possible that my fuel pump is not getting any fuel?? How full does my tank need to be to still be able to get fuel sitting on a decline like this.
I am frustrated as hell here, any ideas???
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