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Originally Posted by valley_man0505 View Post
Thanks for the input. Yes, it is easy enough to get access to the rear spark plugs by removing coil pack, etc. However, as you mentioned, I am concerned with the rear exhaust manifold and was just wondering if this same tilt the motor trick would help with this.
Got nothing for you as I haven't hear of this "trick"

Originally Posted by valley_man0505 View Post
However, after a 3 night battle, I was finally able to get ONE of the two down pipe bolts off last night. I had been hitting that one pretty regularly with penetrating oil and it finally broke loose. This is partly because I finally crawled under the car and went at it from the bottom with a breaker bar and every extension that I owned and got better leverage. I was also able to get a better grip with a deep socket from the bottom rather than a wrench from the top. I think I will eventually be successful with the second one as well. This one is very hard to reach with the penetrating oil, however, so it may take a little more effort.
Awesome now get that other one and you will be golden

Originally Posted by valley_man0505 View Post
I guess this brings me back to my other question--is there any reason I can't remove the rear head with the manifold still attached? It seems like it would be a lot easier this way, which is why I am wondering why every walk-thru I have seen always mentions removing it before pulling the head.
As I mentioned I believe you should be able to, I personally have never done it but I don't see why you couldn't. Best of luck and keep us....or me ... posted on your progress.
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