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Originally Posted by Black Knight View Post

Halo "Angel Eye" headlights and fog lights.
Grill Inserts....iffy about painting them Fusion Orange...Photoshop anyone?
Tint front windows, tailights, and bumper reverse lights.
SLP exhaust tips, looking at different mufflers
I might swap my system from my truck to the GT
Power mods I am researching highly. Im thinking about a Supercharger. Eaton or Paxton from what I know.

My Cougar is what Im trying to finish and my truck has a bad habit of breaking down(146,000 miles do that in). This is the DD for now, but it will get PLENTY of attention.

I have seen the lip on a few cars. I LOVE YOUR WHEELS!!! Those are the Grand Prix GXP wheels?? or are those Solstice wheels?

BTW I love the quick response time you have here haha. Not many forums are like that.
eh finding an eaton for the V6 is hard. there are less than 10 in exsistance, unless youre gonna do something custom.

thanks. my wheels are italia inox's. they dont make them anymore unfortunately.

this site is full of post whores. therell be plenty of posts
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