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Originally Posted by AaronGTR View Post
On a car with 165k miles that is a daily driver, it's not going to make a ton of difference. If it was a freshly rebuilt motor and/or running significantly higher HP than stock, then you might see some benefit from running a full synthetic like Mobil1 or Castrol Syntec and a premium filter like Mobil1 or K&N. Otherwise it's really a waste of money. As long as you don't use the cheapest conventional oil you can find, you'll be ok. A good mid-grade oil would serve you well. Fram filters suck, but a medium priced filter like NAPA gold or Purolator PureONE will have good enough filtration and not too much restriction. A mid-priced synthetic blend or high mileage oil would work well for you too. My old 97 grand prix had almost 180k miles and I ran Castrol GTX high mileage in it. I had the oil lab tested at 4k miles on the oil and they said I could run it another 2-3k, so I ran it for 7k between changes and only changed my oil/filter twice a year. Saves a lot of money, and less wasted oil is better for the environment. As long as your engine is mechanically sound, the oil should last that long.
I hear alot about the napa gold, but I saw they offer a platinum. And have not seen anyone say anything about it?
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