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PhantomLover007 has made plenty of valid pointsPhantomLover007 has made plenty of valid points
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P/L's final reenlistment

As of 14 March, 2012, my contract w/ the Army is indefinite. This was my final reenlistment to where I could raise my right hand and swear to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies. Both foreign and domestic. Talking w/ my re-up NCO, she said that since it was my final one, I could ask for something special. Since I am lucky enough to be where I am here in Korea and one of the sites that I'm in charge of sooooo happens to be on an air base (w/ static displays of my favorite plane, the F-4 Phantom II no less).. .. I quickly knew how I wanted my ceremony.

As for the officer swearing me in.. He and I go way back to when we were both E-4's in the Georgia guard, best friends and roommates back in the early to mid '90's. He just so happened to be here in country too. All of this was too much of a coincidence, but it all worked in my favor.

The plane is an ex-U.S. Air Force, ex-ROK Air Force F-4D BTW

Just thought I'd share this w/ you guys..
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Oh, and I'm now house trained, so no more urinary issues to worry about.

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