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Originally Posted by O1GAGT View Post
There is a way to add a 2 bar map with a DHP Tuner and Tiny Tuner software. I don't think it is an option with HP Tuners. I personally wouldn't run the car without a MAF.

As a side note, I read one of the PCM's from a supercharged concept car that had the 4T65e swap. The only changes were for the transmission, fueling, spark, ect were stock.
I'm pretty sure HPTuners will let you fake a 2 bar MAP on the 3400. I know it can on the 4cyl.

And I understand most want to keep the MAF, but other than upping the trans pressure, what's the ACTUAL effects of removing it?
The upside is it running in speed density mode and using the map to adjust fuel for boost if you scale the map values for a 2 bar.

Cool about the concept car. Which one was it? I was at the Barrett-Jackson Auction when they auctioned off a bunch of the GM concepts. Did you keep the file? I don't doubt that the tune was the same. Most of the time to run low boost, you don't need a bunch done. Case in point the m62/3400 not having anything changed. Just the fpr.
But to run higher boost, that concept car would need a way to read boost and adjust. Not just spray and pray. Sure you can just dump a bunch of fuel in when you add boost, but that's not ideal.
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