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AaronGTR has made plenty of valid pointsAaronGTR has made plenty of valid points
Originally Posted by 00redse View Post

So it's good for low boost only, PCM isn't reading boost.

Nice move gm. (At least the 2.4 s/c kit let the pcm read boost)

So, from my understanding, removing the MAF forces the car to run in Speed Density mode, right?
And it also makes the tranny shift super hard and at full line pressure which is bad.

What else happens when you delete the MAF?

Seems like if it's just the trans issue, then a 5 speed swapped car could just run w/o MAF and fake a 2 Bar MAP sensor with HPTuners. But this seems too simple (not that the 5 speed swap is "simple"), so what am I missing, or not taking into account?
Yeah, the kit only ran 5 psi in stock form, and they only added a fuel pressure modifier to add extra fuel under boost. And GM had nothing to do it. They didn't design the kit, it was all Magnacharger and there was no partnership involved. They didn't design the car to be boosted from the factory, so why should it be their fault? The 2.4L kit was designed for GM performance parts by GM (not Magnacharger, it just used an Eaton blower), so of course it was going to have better integration.

Anyway, removing the MAF sensor is not a good idea on these cars. They are not designed to run normally in speed/density mode, and doing so is just asking for problems. There is no need to eliminate the MAF anyway, so why would you want to? It still reads the amount of air coming in, so it still adds fuel. The MAF is in fact the primary fuel enrichment device. There is a way to add a 2 bar MAP to the car with a tuner though. Mine is running one right now. The only advantage to this is that by knowing if it's in boost or not, the PCM can reference different points on the VE table, which is the base fuel map the car works off of before making changes based on MAF sensor input. The stock VE table goes up to 140 kPa (about 6 psi of boost), but atmospheric pressure is about 100 kPa normally. Since the car is NA from the factory, everything in the table from 100-140 kPa is the same. They had no boost to tune for, so did not do any VE tuning up there. If you added boost, you could add a 2 bar map to reference those upper points on the map, but without extensive tuning to figure out the VE, it won't do you any good. You can't just guess at it. It takes a lot of money and dyno time. Easiest thing to do when adding boost is get bigger injectors, and tune the MAF table to add fuel.
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