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Originally Posted by SC/T02 View Post
The 301 was not strong enough for the 2nd gen. I mean it got the job done, but the extra 100 cubes in the 400 helped the car out more. The 400 in 1977 was only 220 HP but a massive 360 Lbs of tq. With the ture duals, full exhaust system, mild cam, smog gear smog gear removed its now 465RWHP. Just goes to show how little you need ot do to get them to run like a top. With the 4th gear, cruising at 75MPH I am getting 21MPG highway which I don't see as bad for anything built in that era.

You may think I am crazy, but a buddy of mine hunted down a rare Grand Am/Lemans/GTO basically. In 1977 there was a car called the Can Am. TA shaker and engine, Lemans body, Grand prix dash and center console, and custom body parts. Not so attractive all around, but rare. 1 car has the hard to come by 403 Olds engine (only 42 made) the other has the Sunroof and a ton of options which is also rare. Only 1350 built before the mold to the spoiler broke and GM did not allow the company time to fix it. Just shut down the project. The Can Am registry says less then 250 are still on the road today.

I was given a contact to a guy who has 2 for sale. He is going to work me out a great deal. Needs restored, and has rust on the back side. Surface only. In good shape the cars go for about 15K, the rare optioned ones like at Volo auto museum has, go for about 30K. Poor condition around $7000. This guy is willing to sell me one of 4 known 403 cars left, and the other with the metal power sunroof for $3500. Not sure that I can turn it down. Another $500 to ship or so, I am still looking pretty good.

Here is the car. Just to have something rare from yesteryear

And the ones I am looking at. Notice the rust on the front fender of the far one. He said a deer hit him with the car parked in the driveway. Killed the deer.

Does not look too far gone. I think I can bring them both back. Or maybe turn one to fund the other? Not sold on the idea of two resto projects at once. But I do know the engines and trans inside and out.

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