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geldartb has made plenty of valid pointsgeldartb has made plenty of valid points
Originally Posted by mfuller View Post
Yep, it takes a while to get things down. I still haven't gotten to WOT tuning on my car.
Mark and I went through no less than 7 different bin files, fine tuning the MAF tables.
I have 0KR, LTFTs are 0 at cruise to slightly negative at heavy throttle (60-70% TPS).
me too. i was waiting till i got a wideband to WOT tune it. which since its winter i still have a few months to pick one up.

as mine sits right now i have no KR and my LTFT's are within -/+5% of 0. my idle and cruise tune isnt bad the fuel trims are within the -/+5% range(depends on outside temp) so its not too bad.

WOT i havent touched since i didnt have a wideband , but from what i logged it wasnt bad but obviously needs work.
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Well you shouldn't have left your laptop exposed when there was a chance of golden showers...
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