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Originally Posted by aiixon View Post
I think that anybody who is doing an engine swap knows what they are doing so they won't need a how-to. And on the flip side, I know if I wanted to try this, this is not nearly enough information for a noob such as myself. I mean good job, but you need way more details.
I must admit, this not a "how to swap a 3500 for dummies." I was asked to do this much. I can't sit here and tell everything little thing I did to satisfy an obsence of elementary mechanics. This is to give people an idea of what they are getting themselves into and a reference for sucessful alternatives. I have looked on the net since January and it doesn't get a whole lot better than this. But I'd like to thank all the ppl that helped along the way, including those on this forum and my father (big help, but doesn't respect my v6 still ).

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