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Turbo 3.5L LX9
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there are some benefits to the biggest was going from an LA1 engine with 186K to an LX9 with 26K.

- higher compression 9.8:1 vs 9.5:1
- oil squiters on the two hottest cylinders
- larger throat on the upper intake manifold and you can adapt the 65mm throttle body
- adjustable timing +10/-5 from the external crank trigger
- better lower intake manifold gasket design so it should never leak
- better designed for oil filter position
- longer pushrods
- of course larger cylinders 3.5L vs 3.4L
- Steel crank
- Same redline
- probably a bunch im forgetting

I would say the engine is more reliable but of course time will tell.

as far as power, the G6 is rated with this engine 200HP @ 5600 and 220TQ @ 3900
I believe our 3400 is 175 @ 4800 and 205 @ 4000 so the 3.5l has a stronger powerband

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