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Originally Posted by 2002gagt1 View Post
I have a 2002 GAGT1 with the monsoon system and my rear speakers are blown...

The factory amp only powers the rear speakers correct? (Pretty sure)

Was wondering if there is a pair of RCA's on the back of the factory deck that the factory amp is hooked up to?

I'm curious if I could just disconnect the factory amp, hook up an aftermarket amp in it's place, and throw a sub in the trunk...? Or if i'd need an aftermarket deck to accomplish this...

I'd rather just throw a ten in the trunk than replace the factory rear 6x9's...

Thanks to whoever helps me out, I appreciate it
The factory HU has a wiring harness plugged into it that powers all of the speakers, amp, etc. There are no RCA's. Also, you can by aftermarket 6x9's but you lose the 'bass' effect given by the stock Monsoon's. Some people take the monsoons out, hook up new speakers and install an amp and a sub for bass. I bought an aftermarket HU, an amp and a sub, and bought new 'plastic monsoon speakers' that are more durable than the old paper ones. I like the new monsoons and IMO they sound better anways and I've had them for two years now.
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