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ya for what it is im not complaining, some spots need attention as there's a couple tiny rust spots and some clear coat peeling but for what i paid and the low kms(85 miles) its a damn good shell in my eyes

spent some time this weekend cleaning parts and 2 cans of degreaser later my LX9 and getrag are clean! 1 can of degreaser left for the engine/bay before the pull to make things a bit cleaner. Im gonna bring it in for emissions this week before i **** with it then im off to Cuba for vacation, but after i get back expect a LOT of updates as my original build deadline was May 2-4 weekend but that fell to **** as i couldt find a good shell

if only i could of found a shell during the winter months then i could be wrenching on my jimmy right now, i have a solid axle sitting in the garage to swap under the front of that bitch
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