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Originally Posted by Wubby{Beat View Post
what about 0w30 castro syntec made in germany, have heard its fine to run in ours, even all year round, but someone told me on automotiveforums that he wouldnt run it, he has a GA as well and does know fair bit, what are your guys opinions? have 165k km, been running syntec 5w30 since 130k km when I got it

have had no leaks in my time owned, over a yaer now
German Castrol Syntec 0W-30 synthetic motor oil ?

Never heard of it
Why can't you run it all year long ?
(Doesn't sound like that guy on that automotiveforums knows much about 'GC'.)

I do
But it is really better during the summer hotter months though.

PS: Paying $8.99 Cdn per 1L bottle does suck though.
So I stock up during sales.
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If knowledge was power, Mike Jung would be Stalin
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you ****in scare me sometimes, jung
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