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German Castrol Syntec 0W-30 synthetic motor oil ?

Never heard of it
Why can't you run it all year long ?
(Doesn't sound like that guy on that automotiveforums knows much about 'GC'.)

I do
But it is really better during the summer hotter months though.

PS: Paying $8.99 Cdn per 1L bottle does suck though.
So I stock up during sales.
yea its extremely expensive, however per 1L bottles its the same as any other, but who buys 1L bottles

where I live however it doesnt get totally cold like it does in terana (used to live there for 3yrs, born there, where my cars from), maybe -10c for a month or so

should I stick with my syntec 5w30 or switch to 0w30 GC at 165k km is the question?
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